Weyhe, DE

Born in Poland in 1964, Taube moved to Germany in 1979. Trained as a technical draftsman in the field of mechanical engineering, Alexandra developed refined manual skills. The combination between her scientificity and her creativity has built her superb artistic language. Thanks to her electric color selection, Taube can explore both the aesthetic and the platonic dimension of art. Improving action painting’s expressivity, she implements the dialogue between acrylics’ vitality and metal elements’ adaptability. Taube is a harmony researcher and her art is the iconographic manifestation of creative chaos that reaches its balance through the brush.


Alexandra Taube - Branch


Alexandra Taube - Brainwaves


Alexandra Taube - Future


Alexandra Taube - Shooting Star


Alexandra Taube - Big Bang


Alexandra Taube - UFO



"The interpretive duality of Taube’s language is accompanied by a subtle moral. Starting from the chaos, represented by the indiscriminate use of mediums, Alexandra proposes her intimate solution. In fact, the existence of chaos indirectly presumes the chance of balance. The canvas, therefore, becomes the field of reparative possibilities. The spiritual artistic impulse, hidden behind her creative act, concentrates on the meticulous arrangement of every element. Paying attention to the refined connections present in her artworks, Taube resolves the original enigma of life after chaos. Although the position of colors seems random to the eye, the composition is harmoniously orchestrated and every component find its place. In this way, the aesthetic result recalls the astronomical pictures, whereas the metaphorical one looks back on the vital universal balance. There is always a chance to re-establish order and the key is an authentic general overview. Alexandra Taube makes that creating her own cosmos and, perhaps, it’s not a coincidence that the Ancient Greek word κόσμος (cosmos) means exactly “order”..."

Alexandra Taube - Magic


Alexandra Taube - Discovery


Alexandra Taube - Space


Alexandra Taube - Heartbeat


Alexandra Taube - Dawn


Alexandra Taube - Research


Alexandra Taube - Confusion


Alexandra Taube - Chillen


Alexandra Taube - Sky


Alexandra Taube - Love Island