Finding our way in Classical text, we bring back the pure essence of Art.

The Latin word amplector, which is often preceded with artem (art)means to embrace and welcome. But also to admire and understand.

Our purpose is to propose another point of view,  an intimate glimpse of germs and ideas, feelings and impulses, failures and dedication.

It is the subjection to our creative ego, the need to experience.

The Amplector Magazine is a bridge that, supporting the value of the creative process, feeds its secrets to hungry minds.

The Actualit-art column, in particular, faces current social problems just letting art speak. Through the work of masters and contemporary artists, in fact, it is possible to analyse, and explore, present troubles. Art is a multifaceted medium, it is both able to show today's reality and to document past events. Sure of the fact that culture is the key we want to let art speak, remembering what happened and realising what is now occurring. 


"The Blood of Life". An interview with Mingzhang Sun

Our Artists

Brutally frank. The openness in Gardiner’s papers

Our Artists

José Ortega, the artistic reporter.

Our Artists

Embrace uncertainty, Mingzhang Sun’s poetry.

Issue I, 4/4

Italian photographers in Japan, Felice Beato seduces Yokohama. Japanism as a model of coexistence.

Issue I, 3/4

From Ukiyo-e to Lautrec’s posters. Japanism as a model of coexistence.

Our Artists


Hope beyond the wall. Zabarella and the minimalist eloquence

Issue I, 2/4

The Ukiyo-e celebration in European masterpieces. Japanism as a model of coexistence.

Our Artists

Destroy to rebuild. The process behind Rotella’s décollage aesthetics.

Issue I, 1/4

When everything began.          Japonism as a model of coexistence.

Our Artists

Glimpses of memories. A look on Morini’s silent images

Our Artists

The Realist painting in the    high-definition era. Following the brush strokes of Virginia Vargas.

Our Artists

Gravitating towards the origin. An introduction to              Taube’s galaxy.