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Nicosia, CY


Born in 1992, Andreas Kountoureshis is a Greek-Cypriot artist from Nicosia, Cyprus. After four years of studies in Scotland's Grays School of Art, 2017 saw him return to his homeland to further pursue his artistic journey. As of then, he maintains a studio space in Nicosia where he constantly works on evolving his distinguishing, sharp mark. From drawings to oil paintings the works broaden to a scope of themes, addressing the philosophical, rhetorical and metaphysical aspects of life, where the rays of the sun meet the abyss of thought. Each artwork aims to create various queries to the viewer. On the borderline of reality and fiction, the scale of elements is left open for balancing. Andreas has already participated in various exhibitions across different cities in Europe.

Last Exhibitions

2019 - Nicosia;

2019 - Larnaca;

2018 - Limassol;

2018 - Nicosia;

2017 - Aberdeen;

2017 - Edinburgh;

2016 - Wien;

2016 - Aberdeen;


2015 - Skopje;


How did you start making art?

Ever since childhood, there was always a fascination in observing things, to perceive where they come from, how they are composed, and how they can therefore evolve. Everything seemed like a puzzle, a jigsaw to be solved then piece by piece to be scattered, go back to the beginning and start again. As the years went by, drawing came in to bring tranquility to this quest though it was nothing more than just an activity.

Like any teenager, I aspired to be many things, a psychologist, a film director, a mathematician, an architect. A lifelong dreamer, one would say, always having a hard time adjusting to the reality of things. And then, at the age of around 16, I took up art lessons, aiming to follow architecture. It was there where I started grasping what Fine Art truly is.


Following five years of preparation, at the age of 21, I got accepted into a four-year painting course in Scotland's Gray's School of Art, where I could further explore this path. By working with oils during my time there, upon completion, oil painting was no longer just a medium, but a way of life.


Andreas Kountoureshis - When You Are Strange

Andreas Kountoureshis - When You Are Strange

Andreas Kountoureshis - Deception

Andreas Kountoureshis - Deception

Andreas Kountoureshis - When You Messed With My Perspective

Andreas Kountoureshis - When You Messed With My Perspective

Andreas Kountoureshis - Perspectivism

Andreas Kountoureshis - Perspectivism