Bristol, UK

Self-taught artist, Gardiner has an interesting creative mind able to explore both human inner reality and human environment. His work is deeply inspired by punk music and visual artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kurt Schwitters. Adopting the innovations introduced by the Dadaism and the Street Art, the artist proposes a new form of Primitivism, that takes shape through contemporary collages and drawings. Determined to communicate his various views of the world, Daniel deals with the themes of mental health, climate change, injustices and present political issues.


Daniel Gardiner - There is Always Money for War


Daniel Gardiner - Ruled by Monsters


Daniel Gardiner - Breath


Daniel Gardiner - The Fox



“THERE IS ALWAYS MONEY FOR WAR”, “APATHY ALWAYS WINS – AM I THE MONSTER?”, “HOW MUCH FOR YOUR SOUL?”, Daniel says through his grotesque red-eyed faces. The provocative message is always supported by a graphic primitivism that allows him to show his feelings and ideas without any kind of filter. Letting his creativity free from “postproduction processes”, Gardiner can immortalize a specific expressive stimulus. Child sincerity becomes rude, looking at our contemporary problems through the eyes of a conscious individual. Daniel Gardiner is brutally honest and it is an uncommon trait in our society, but he is “PROUD TO BE WEIRD” and we appreciate that.