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London, UK

Born and raised in London, Eloosh is supported by a deep Iranian (Persian) heritage. The interest, the love, for art has been a constant during her life and her production highlights this profound connection. Thanks to painting, the artist can explore her inner nature and connect with herself on an extraordinary level. Her art is a direct reflection and representation of the psychological journey and mental process she had gone through. Refined explorer of the feminine sensitivity and energy, Eloosh proposes the pictorial representation of the women empowerment. A vigorous melody that stands out in front of the observer.


Eloosh - Piercing Through My Soul


Eloosh - Reflective Thoughts


Eloosh - The Unconscious Twilight Zone



2020 - Espacio Gallery, "Reveries"

Espacio Gallery, London, England, UK;

2019 - Art Number 23 Gallery, "Vicious Circle"

The Old Biscuit Factory, London, England, UK;

2019 - Exhibit Here, "Art Maze"

OXO Tower Wharf, Bargehouse, London, England, UK.

Eloosh - Thoughts of Liberation


Eloosh - What is it that you seek?


Eloosh - Harmonious Introspection



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