Jacob von Sternberg

Malta, MT

Born in Germany in the 1970s and raised within a conservative family with a heritage in the pharmaceutical industry, Jacob von Sternberg left home early and chose the hard lessons of life over the convenience of a luxurious lifestyle. Besides studying art history, color theory and so much more, Jacob moved to Vienna in order to study color psychology. His studies led to further projects and intensive research on particular color frequencies found in plant extracts. He fell in love with nature's botanical creations. This brought Jacob to the study of physics with a focus on biophotons. He embraced even the hardest of times, full acceptance of which transformed his experiences, and this strong resulting energetic vortex into positivity and compassion, and ultimately into art and design. In his interior design career Jacob's and his team soon won countless prestigious hotel & spa awards for his unique design approach. His artworks have been sold to institutional customers and private collectors; clients that Jacob met during his interior design career. Another milestone was his collaboration with Tony Ward in 2014. Tony wished to highlight Jacob's work with a portrait and three-day long photo production. The photo series was later published worldwide. For Jacob, art is a continuous search for new directions and for new ways of expressing the lessons he has learned in life. This distillation manifests in his work through various unconventional methods. Jacob likes to have his art be invisible avant-garde. With his work he doesn't reflect the mere emotions of an artist. He wants the art to be a part of the viewer, not just as a part of himself. 


Jacob von Sternberg - Underland


Jacob von Sternberg - Urbanity


Jacob von Sternberg - Two Suns Two Sons


Jacob von Sternberg - White Swan Black Swan


Jacob von Sternberg - Laurel Canyon Mansion


Jacob von Sternberg - Edo Moon


Jacob von Sternberg - Overwater Underwater


Jacob von Sternberg - Calm Harbour During Storm


Jacob von Sternberg - No Home That I Know


Jacob von Sternberg - Two Worlds One Being


Jacob von Sternberg - Symbiosis


Jacob von Sternberg - Tokyo Autumn