Berlin, GE

James Song is a British-born Chinese artist. Having studied in London, he now lives in Berlin where he has continued his creative pursuits. The painter is deeply inspired by the human form, seen as reservoir of limitless expression. Each pose presents a new energy, narrative and challenge for the eye. His practice is often led by his desire to escape the overthinking, details and control of his daily life. His ink works are immediate and see him use quick and loose marks that allow him to open up - enabling him to surrender control. Maintaining a balance is important for him as his fascination in the female form has pushed him to create lengthier works in oil to capture its structure, shape and energy.


James Song - YiNing


James Song - Figurative Study


James Song - Untitled


James Song - Figures In Space I


James Song - Figures In Space II


James Song - Figures In Space III