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Queensland, AU


Jessica Hazell is a self-taught painter from Queensland, Australia. She moved to London in 2017 to further enhance her practice and focus on her creative career. Now residing in East London, she focuses on oil paintings that illustrate feminine energy, power and cultivation. With a strong emphasis on reclaiming human sexuality from society set standards and expectations, she has found a passionate and thought-provoking subject matter that seeks to portray eroticism as a way to reconnect with one's self and discover a higher level of self-love. Jess's body of work is a narrative that works to highlight feminist issues and empower women by exposing the raw beauty of feminine energy. Jess has had numerous exhibitions across London and recently has exhibited her work in shows in Prague and Athens. "Overturning the standards typical of pictorial female nudes, she offers the viewer a raw glimpse of the purest intimacy of her subjects. Emphasizing the beauty of “imperfections”, the artist brings on the stage the uniqueness through which Nature, in its broadest sense, expresses its charm, grace and power. The vulnerability manifested by her faceless women is nothing more than a reflection of human fragility and it is necessary to understand and appreciate the real beauty, which comprises a multitude of details, emotions and, of course, imperfections that make every being special".

Last Exhibitions

2020 - Seen Forms - HYB4 Gallery, Prague;

2020 - Anthropologio - Art Number 23 - Dim. Eginitou 8, Athens;

2019 - Hackney Wicked- The Trampery, London;

2019 - Vicious Circle - Art Number 23 - The Old Biscuit Factory, London;

2019 - Yas Queen - Pretty Vulgar - The Flying Dutchman, London;

2018 - The Seventh Season - Hale Arts Exchange - Tottenham, London;


2018 - Property To Person - Lethally Her - Campfire Shoreditch, London;


2017 -  NEXT - Raw Artists - Arts Centre, Gold Coast, Australia; 


Your art is characterized by an intimate expressive language, your female nudes are immediately recognizable.

How have you developed this iconic style?

I definitely did not think I would end up painting what I do now. I started seriously painting about 6 years ago and mainly did landscapes and nature, I felt really connected to that and felt there was a lot of emotion to explore. Eventually it evolved into incorporating figures and portraits, but still coming from a strong place of natural and environmental influences. I tended to initiate a painting with a narrative and build it from there, so all my paintings acted like a visual story, and I kept painting on from there. It wasn’t until I really moved to London out of mental health necessity that my style evolved to what is now, which is heavily representative of feminine power and energy.


I found a really strong sense by being completely independent and starting my life from square one, and I guess that found its way into my art. I was approaching it from a new angle now, one where I had a message instead of a story to tell. And that message was one I wish I had learned years earlier (but better late than never). I have a recurring colour palette, and this was also completely unintentional and it’s become a fun style for me now where I paint women of every shape size and colour in a palette that propels a vibrant and ferocious energy to the forefront of my work. Development for me just comes from living and growing as a person. I don’t like to put pressure on myself by constantly working and looking for new styles, because that will always come organically and naturally depending on what I’m doing or where I am.


Jessica Hazell - Dragonflies Don't Land Here

Jessica Hazell - Dragonflies Don't Land Here

Jessica Hazell - A Chaotic Revival

Jessica Hazell - A Chaotic Revival