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The Collection

Alfonso Bisson - Limited Edition Collection

"Guided by an insatiable curiosity and desire to explore "the different", Bisson enriches his soul by traveling the world and dedicating his time to painting, photography, poetry, the study of languages ​​and the music of the great classical masters. Descendant of the famous painter Giuseppe Bernardino Bison (1762-1844), he frequented the Milan of Lucio Fontana and constantly shaped his own expressive language. Author of several portraits commissioned by personalities of the Italian television, he finds in the human being, in its broadest sense, the main stimulus for his creative impulses. His pictorial production is characterized by a deep analysis of the nuances of human everyday life, both spiritually and tangibly. His compositions, marked by the plasticity of the figures, stage ‘physiognomically absolute’ characters, immersed in a metaphysical atmosphere in which the melody of an eloquent silence echoes undisturbed".