Omsk, RUS

Charming Pop realism performer, Radchenko proposes the perfect cohesion between two different artistic expressions. She finds the poetic interaction between Dadaism’s experimentation and Pop art’s iconography. Radchenko is a painting narrator of the modern era. She insepcts and depicts the icons, the ideology, the hopes and the tragedies of our age.


Ludmilla Radchenko, Save the World

Ludmilla Radchenko, Save the World



"Art, in its broadest sense, includes what is created through technical skill and creativity, and therefore through an intimate elaboration. Its communicative possibilities are immeasurable, an artwork can surely show the ability and the inner reality of an artist but can also be used as a documentation, or condemnation, of a particular event. This is one of the main peculiarities of the Pop Realism formulated by Ludmilla Radchenko.".