London, UK

Mingzhang Sun is a Chinese born artist based in London. Driven and inspired by the surroundings, he explores and translates the experiences to visual art through paintings, drawings, clothes, performance and videos. The artist never circles his art practice with limited materials, every moment has hundreds of possibilities to be remembered by artworks. Thanks to his creative versatility, Ming is surely one of the most interesting emerging artists. His ability to range from on media to another, and his palpable expressive sensitivity, allow him to touch the most intimate human emotions.


Mingzhang Sun - Baby Blue


Mingzhang Sun - Prophecy


Mingzhang Sun - Lotus Field



"It is a shame that not many people realize that it is creative people who are balancing the peace of the world, and cultivating and sharing an awareness of goodness that has been buried deep".

"Mingzhang Sun has a magnetic virtue: his sensitive roughness. He is ruled by conflicting stimuli that lacerates his subjectes. Seduced by his own demons, the painter shows a violent neo-expressionist slant, which is as good as Bacon’s one. Animeted by a subterranean tumultuousness, the one of creative minds, he digs out his shadows. In this way, every canvas becomes a spiritual mirror through which he can face and digest his fears..."