Galleria d'arte


Founded in 2019 in Milan, Yugen is the fruit of a genetic passion for every kind of artistic language. The qualification in the art history and criticism field, and the experience achieved through the collaboration with academic experts and art business leaders, are our building stones.

Sbavatura di crema

Yugen’s aim is to restore the value of art in ordinary life, sure of the effect that the binomial word-image can have in our everyday intimate experience.


Recovering the Japanese aesthetic concept of yūgen, which approximately means "a mysterious thing that is impossible to define in words", we offer, thanks to our gallery and magazine, a complete fruition of the most interesting contemporary art. The constant dialogue between the art gallery and The Amplector Magazine, in fact, permits us to explore every shade of the art world.

 Working next to our selected artists and collectors, we want to guarantee, to our public, an incomparable investment.

Buying art is both an economic-patrimonial and a cultural-intellectual profit.   

In this way, the investment joins the deepest spirit of collecting and it's exclusively devoted to a priceless heritage.

The possibility to range from the universally known prestige of renowned Masters to the worthy and promising work of our international emerging artists is a Yugen’s trademark. 

Abstract Texture