Embrace uncertainty, Mingzhang Sun’s poetry.

There’s a fight that will never end. An echo destined for eternity. This is an incessant conflict, and there are no winners. Balance seems out of reach; we need to practice detachment to live. The freedom of letting go is the vital key. We are all disoriented, in a world of chaos. Do we have a purpose in life? Why do we live? We can’t control everything; this is the hardest thing to accept.

They say people need to obey laws, but what about “social” restrictions? Sometimes we fell trapped in common habits, we can’t express ourselves. What are we waiting for? Nothing is coming, except what is already here. It is like a knot created deep within us, something that remains with us throughout the entire life. But that knot can be untied, and we need to know how. How? Accepting ourselves and others. As we are, as they are. No winners, just coexistence.

The first step is to embrace our own fragility, then we need to explore our impulses and let them free. This is how we can fill our meaningless, our “black balloon” (Fig. 1), and Mingzhang Sun is teaching us how to do that. Tasting the collision between activity and passivity, he has found their vital coexistence. The artist gives us a glimpse of his inner reality, finding in painting the chosen field to explore himself.

Mingzhang Sun, Black Balloon.

Mingzhang Sun has a magnetic virtue: his sensitive roughness. He is ruled by conflicting stimuli that lacerates his subjects. Seduced by his own demons, the painter shows a violent neo-expressionist slant, which is as good as Bacon’s one. Animated by a subterranean tumultuousness, the one of creative minds, he digs out his shadows. In this way, every canvas becomes a spiritual mirror through which he can face and digest his fears.

Mingzhang Sun, Prophecy.

The creative act is untamable. The will to move beyond personal experiences, try something new and find what cannot be found is biologically conditioned by the eternal need to domesticate himself. His artworks, in fact, originate from emotional orders and show a genetic talent for psyche-investigation, that allows him to portray the wild diversity of human inner reality.

Paintings like Prophecy (Fig. 2) reflect this kind of condition. Who is Mingzhang Sun? A vortex of emotions. A multifaceted spirt trying to define himself. But to define is to delimit and some things are uncontrollable. Demons have to be free to be accepted. They have to float in a whirl, we have to understand their being and assimilate their reflections. Everything seems cyclic but shades are infinite. We have to embrace our demons; we have to embrace uncertainty.