Alexandra Taube - Coral Reef
  • Alexandra Taube - Coral Reef

    There is something inexplicable in the artistic language, the ability to narrate anything through a single image. It’s all about analogies and evocations, influences and distortions. The choice of the media is not crucial. What are the limits of art? There are no limits, both physically and emotionally, and Coral Reef, by Alexandra Taube, is an example of this. The coral reef, the earthly one, is known as a jeweled barrier in which we can find the majority of the marine biodiversity. It is a vital nucleus, harmoniously tinted. Its safeguard is essential and its perseverance is poetic. Corals, fishes, starfishes, echinoderms and crustaceans move in the same direction, trying to earn their own living space. There are no limits in life, there are no limits in creativity. The will to overcome the conventional space is probably the main peculiarity of Spatialism, but in Taube’s work this theory reached its amplest acceptation. Alexandra, in fact, is able both to refill with art what is traditionally used as an accessory element, and to create a parallelism with what is naturally destined to expand. In this way, the space between the frame and the canvas is erased and the artwork shows its unrestrained nature. There are no limits, and the coral reef finds its own traits in a superb play of colors and interactions.

    • Mixed media on canvas, cm 34x40.

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