Andreas Kountoureshis - When You Are Strange
  • Andreas Kountoureshis - When You Are Strange

    The artwork When You Are Strange, made by Andreas Kountoureshis, is a rhetorical approach to everyday life through a passerby's eyes. Walking through a city full of people, all of a sudden you realize you don't really fit in to your surroundings. You are the outsider. Looking around, blank faces staring at you and as you glance back, an aura of unmitigated gloom is what's left. The awkward silence when facing the unusual. Though the 'you' in the title opens the door for a vice versa interpretation. Strangeness, the most common uncommon feeling in a congested area. The use of Impasto painting serves this artwork perfectly as it highlights the relation between man and structure. The harmony and unity of each window, standing firm to change whilst the mass' varies according to sentiment.

    • Oil on panel, cm 88x62.

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