• Andreas Kountoureshis - When You Messed With My Perspective

    The artwork When You Messed With My Perspective, made by Andreas Kountoureshis, talks about breaking points and how one's limits have been pushed, leading up to the moment of reaction. Inspired by German philosopher Nietzsche and his philosophical position on 'Perspectivism' - truth claims are contingent on, and the product of, a person's perspective - this painting refers to the redemption of oneself, yet with the consequences that come with.  Painted using the palette knife and heavy impasto, each brick serves as a stepping stone towards liberation. In a moment's notice, the escalation of events between parties leads to a formation of views and hence a stance to which the scapegoat opposes. Warmth is restrained and self-esteem ascends, transcending to the coldest skies.

    • Oil on panel, 49cm x 77cm.

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