Daniel Gardiner - Power Corrupts Completely
  • Daniel Gardiner - Power Corrupts Completely

    The work Power Corrupts Completely, created by Daniel Gardiner, shows the iconic language of the artist and explores the dynamism of an art able to communicate both through images and words. Talking through his grotesque red-eyes faces, Daniel states a provocative message supported by a graphic primitivism that allows him to show his feelings and ideas without any kind of filter. "The ability to mix child expressivity and mature consciousness characterized Daniel Gardiner. Explicitly influenced by street culture, the English artist is a frank narrator of our age. His artistic approach is able to explore childlike communicability through an adult rationality. Gardiner, in fact, chooses to use his primordial language to face contemporary problems: politics, culture, social troubles and mental illness. The world is both the audience and the subject. There are no geographic limits to become interested in Gardiner’s art. The language is unadulterated, the topic is universal."

    • Collage. 

      Cm 35x43.

      A black frame is included.

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