Dragos Neagoe - Traian's Degradation
  • Dragos Neagoe - Traian's Degradation

    The work Traian’s Degradation, made by Dragos Neagoe, brings back the traditional values of the sculptural art. Known for his iconic creations, the artist finds his own language mixing the genuineness of Primitivism with elegance of the great ancient civilizations. In this way, the theme of the contrast is explored in its entirety. While the aesthetic contrast is explicitly supported by the use of different material, the metaphorical one finds its explanation in the significance of the chosen raw materials and in the eloquent title. The sculpture, in fact, takes shape on the face of Trajan, the Roman emperor who presided over the greatest military expansion in Roman history. So, mixing the plaster with the ceramic and the past greatness of one of the most iconic historical figures with the present situation, the sculptor is able to illustrate the contrast caused by the flow of time. The plaster, recalling the majesty of a great personality, makes gradually room to the ceramic that, symbolizing both the creative-technical progress and the scars created by the time, emphasizes the material and platonic caducity. Trajan, and so the ancient heritage, is clearly disappearing.

    • Plaster, tempera, wood and ceramic, cm 25x35.

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