Gianni Gueggia - Un Giorno in Musica
  • Gianni Gueggia - Un Giorno in Musica

    The artwork Un Giorno in Musica (A Musical Day), made by Gianni Gueggia, shows the poetic language of the Italian master. Known for his iconic female figures, the artist creates a dynamic composition, dominated by a harmonious chromaticity, to illustrate the melodious atmosphere suggested by the title. 

    • Born in 1956, the Italian painter had his first solo exhibition in 1973. He has exhibited his art in many international artistic institutions and has become one of the most interesting contemporary “en plein air” artists. Gueggia is the author of a timeless language through which he re-elaborates the sensitivity of reality. Initially influenced by classic figurative art, the painter is now known for his iconic figures. Thanks to his refined creative skills and his harmonious interactions between warm and cold colors, Gianni Gueggia has received several awards like the Agazzi di Mapello Award, Martinsicuro Award, Bellariva Award, and the G.B. Cromer Award.

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