Jacob von Sternberg - Symbiosis
  • Jacob von Sternberg - Symbiosis

    The artwork Symbiosis, made by Jacob von Sternberg, is part of the Tokyo Echoes series, in which the artist traces his time in Japan. Influenced by Japanese tradition and style, he gives life to a scene made of personal experiences re-elaborated by his intimacy. Analyzing the interaction of customs and traditions which, colliding and merging, shape heterogeneously the cultural structure of the Land of the Rising Sun, the artist graphically recreates his idea of symbiosis.The work shows the expressive eloquence of the multi-awarded painter and emphasizes the harmonious, and refined, orchestration of the composition. In particular, the painting takes shape thanks to the interactions between various materials, such as acrylics, oil-wax, gouache and high-gloss-ink.

    • Mixed media on canvas, cm 25x35x1,5.

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