Jessica Hazell - Dragonflies Don't Land Here
  • Jessica Hazell - Dragonflies Don't Land Here

    The artwork Dragonflies Don’t Land Here, made by Jessica Hazell, shows the refined sensitivity of the Australian artist. Portraying a female figure, the artist proves her expressive talent. Overturning the standards typical of pictorial female nudes, Jess gives vulnerability and shyness to her subject. The woman, surrounded by an aura of peacefulness, takes shape through her own purity and innocence, representative of something that hasn’t been touched or tarnished. The will to evoke a sense of fragility and delicacy is supported by the title, an elegance reference to the soft ripples that dragonflies make on the water when they hover over it. It is a subtle reaction to movement, to a stimulus, and the artist wants to take that perception to the most extreme level of stillness and quiet, as it happens somewhere where dragonflies don’t even land.

    • Oil on canvas, cm 90x90.

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