José Ortega - Gli Occhi del Libertador
  • José Ortega - Gli Occhi del Libertador

    In the BOLIVAR series (1980) the artist paid homage to the Venezuelan “Libertador” Simón Bolívar.  Works like Gli Occhi del Libertador show the captivating creative approach of Ortega. The composition is built on two-dimensional subjects that are characterized by a lively chromatic uniformity. The selection of unusual colors and the metaphoric representation of significant details and figures identify Ortega as a capable reporter. The artist, in fact, summarizes every historic moment in a few elements. This method, which is supported by an objective aesthetic value, shows his merit: he was able to use one of the most innovative artistic techniques to illustrate contemporary events.

    • Spanish artist, Ortega (1921-1990) was an intimate friend of Pablo Picasso. He was the narrator of the rural world and, dedicating his work to the working class, he has explored the historic processes of the fight for freedom. During the second postwar period, Ortega became a role model in graphic illustrations, next to his master Friedlander, Mirò, and Picasso. Salvador Dalì, in fact, used to create his graphic works in the Ortega’s Parisian studio.

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