Ludmilla Radchenko, Save the World
  • Ludmilla Radchenko, Save the World

    Radchenko is a painting narrator of the Modern era. She inspects and depicts the icons, the ideology, the hopes and the tragedies of our age. Save The World is, in fact, one the most meaningful examples of this attitude. Starting from Pop art’s iconography and chromaticity, the painter creates a glimpse of a metropolis. It’s New York, as indicated on the traffic sign. Through the harmonious figuration and the eccentric chromatic selection, the city comes to life and seems pervaded by turmoil and agitation. The face of the woman, moreover, evokes the same situation. The chaotic atmosphere, highlighted by the use of various materials, is a metaphor of a situation of instability, the one that we are living right now. Radchenko is a painting narrator and exhibits the icons, the ideologies, the hopes and the tragedies of our age. The elaboration of an iconographic protest, in which we can find the symbols of pop culture and the report of contemporary sensitive issues, is a Radchenko’s trademark. In this way, art reaches one of its nobler purposes. To warn about something current, to document something happened. It is our duty to restrict its role. It can become just something that has helped us to focus on the real troubles, or something that will remind us when everything began to fall apart. Save The Word is a cry of help, a painting alarm.

    • Ludmilla Radchenko was born in Omsk, Siberia on 11 november 1978, where in 1999 she was awarded a degree in Fashion Design. In 2009 she chose to pursue her greatest passion: painting. Instinctive and vital, her loud voice art, dressed with real life drives her toward PopRealism. Since december 2010 her first catalogue “Power Pop” edited by Skira can be found in Feltrinelli libraries with a critical essay by Fortunato D’Amico. Ludmilla creates a painting for the champion of moto GP Jorge Lorenzo, for F1 world’s champion Sebastian Vettel and for the rock star Jamiroquai. Far from presenting the object again and again in an hyperbolic and obsessive way as seen in the “classic” pop tradition, Radchenko loads it with social content in open accusation to its exploitation. Charming Pop realism performer, the painter proposes the perfect cohesion between two different artistic expressions. She finds the poetic interaction between Dadaism’s experimentation and Pop art’s iconography. Radchenko is a painting narrator of the modern era. She inspects and depicts the icons, the ideology, the hopes and the tragedies of our age. The artist has exhibited her art in many cultural events: Salon des Arts, Lugano (2009); Symphonie de Couleurs, Palazzo Papafava – La Biennale di Venezia (2010); Crown Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA (2010); MADE IN JAPAN, Triennale of Milan (2012); Cà’D’Oro Gallery, Miami, USA  (2013); Agora Gallery, New York, USA  (2013); Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam (2013); Miami Art Week, Miami, USA (2014); Miami Art Context, Miami Art Basel, USA (2015); Presentation of the Capsule Collection Monnalisa, Pitti Bimbo, Florence (2015); Maslenitsa Monaco, Anno della Russia, Monte-Carlo (2015); EXPO 2015 RUSSIA Pavilion, Milan (2015); Made in Italy Gourmet, Miami, USA (2016); TRANOI Trade Fashion Show, Parigi (2016); Scope Art Show, Miami Art Basel (2017); Drive Machine, BMW Lugano (2017); Welcome to the world of fragrance, Avery, Excelsior, Milan (2017); MiArt, Milan  (2018); Ruller Gallery, New York (2018); Scope Art Fair, Art Basel Miami (2018, 2019); Mazzoleni Art Events, Porto Cervo (2018, 2019).

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