Marco Ceravolo - Compito
  • Marco Ceravolo - Compito

    Compito is a sophisticate work of art made by the Italian artist Marco Ceravolo. Through the use of different media, like acrylics and textile fibers, the artist creates a canvas in perfect dialogue with the "Microorganismi" series. An abstract work that combines painting and textile art. 

    • Ceravolo started his exhibition project in 1997. His career is a set of successes and he has exhibited his works in international stages. Ceravolo is a refined painter and his expressive research harks back to archaic models. We can easily find a mix of various influences in his polished artistic language. Taking inspiration from the art of ancient Greek and the Roman – Byzantine artistic tradition, Ceravolo has formulated an iconic figurative painting. Nevertheless, he is able to contextualize his academic education through his contemporary mixed media works. His artworks are the expression of a constant improvement, a way to declare the immortality of art.

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