Mauro Capelli - Rimembranze
  • Mauro Capelli - Rimembranze

    This oil painting eloquently expresses Capelli's iconic technique. Representing an Italian country road, in which we can read the sign "ricevitoria" (literally "betting office"), the artist shows, through his substantial and rough paint, the genuineness of the rustic folklore.  

    • Refined landscape painter, Capelli formulates an iconic artistic language thanks to portraiture. So, he started his research project about colors expressivity and became a master of colors interactions. In his works, we can easily see how the composition is built on chromatic blocks and how the use of lines is rather secondary. Studying the importance of color value, Capelli speaks through his tactile paint and creates a hybrid between Abstract Expressionism oil painting and figurative Fresco. The artist has exhibited his work in many cultural institutions like the La Nossa  Gallery in Lecco; l’Area Banca S.p.A. in Bergamo; the Arteuropa Gallery; the Piazza Ghelfi Gallery in Verona; the Le Biblion Gallery in Toulouse (France); the Bottus Gallery in Bottus Byörkös (Sweden); the Theatre Gallery in Besancon (France); the Sylvie Platini Gallery in Annecy (France); the De L’Estelle Gallery in Saint-Rémy de Provence (France); the Zamenhof Gallery in Milan; the Venezia Gallery in Pirmasens (Germany); the Itars Atelier in Nizza (France); the Centro d’Arte Contemporanea in Besançon (France); the European Parliament in Strasburgo; the D'iéna Palace in Paris; the Expotempo in Knokke (Belgium); and the Art Fair in Frankfurt (Germany).

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