Silvano Agarla - Metamorfosi del Rinoceronte Bianco
  • Silvano Agarla - Metamorfosi del Rinoceronte Bianco

    The artwork Metamorfosi del Rinoceronte Bianco ("Metamorphosis of the White Rhinoceros") eloquently shows the iconic language of Silvano Agarla. Known for his abstract-collage composition, the artist creates a metaphorical representation of one of the largest animals in the world. The biting irony of the artist is supported by a negative, and realistic, vision of the present. The white rhino, in fact, is an endangered animal and it is not a coincidence that the artist chose to represent its "metamorphosis" through artificial and mechanical elements. The human being is the cause of its current precariousness and the artist wants to report this terrible situation. 

    • Initially influenced by Surrealism and Abstract art, Agarla focused his work on watercolors. Testing new forms of expression, and inspired by the Naïve art of Rousseau, the artist has made some oil on glass paintings. Then, he has found again his way in Abstractionism. Looking at Abstract art, Agarla has seen the possibility to obstruct cultural and social conformism. It is the start of a new attitude, in which the artist can express his creative freedom. His work represents a statement of independence and the perfect dialogue between different kinds of media. Agarla’s art looks indiscriminately at Dadaism and Cubism, finding the temporal evolution of artistic Avant-gardes.

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