• Virginia Vargas - Nude

    This artwork, made by Virginia Vargas, is part of a nudes series in which the italo-uruguaian artist examines the shadows of the feminine sensuality. Known for her impeccable elegance, Vargas creates a seductive yin yang. 

    • Virginia VARGAS. Born in Montevideo (Uruguay), Vargas moved to Italy in 1976. Influenced by her father’s photographs, she has become on of the most interesting performers in Hyperrealism. Starting from the innovations introduced by the well-known Gustave Courbet, Virginia has explored the artistic medium’s possibilities. Her experience shows how deep and poetic could be the relationship between photography and painting. Despite she is a free hand performer, in her artworks we can find the perfect marriage between the scientificity of photographic representation and the sensitive energy of painting. Supported by famous critics like Luca Beatrice, Vargas creates flawless unions, able to inspire indiscriminately our senses.

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